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Dreams & Shadows

Alone and grief-stricken, Tessa McAllister takes refuge in the crumbling ruins of her ancestral home, wanting nothing more than to sink forever into the hazy netherworld between memory and dream.

But light and love in the form of a most unusual man tempt her from her sorrow, burning away the mental shrouds in which she hides and forcing Tessa to make a choice: to wrap herself in the familiarity of the past, or embrace an uncertain future?

Her shadows have ever been both shield and prison. Facing the truth that they conceal may be the only thing that can set Tessa free…


Project Catchstar

Disgraced at school and betrayed by her former mentor, archaeologist Claire Everston has been on the run for seven months, desperate to put her past behind her and build a new life. But now her mentor has gone missing, and a strange undersea discovery has made Claire a target for sinister forces who will stop at nothing to see that Claire's knowledge dies with her.

From the mysteries in the black coral reefs of Hawaii to the secrets of a prized mineral-laden asteroid, Claire must use all of her training and courage to unravel the deadly political and economic agendas that threaten her very existence. Aided by an ex-Special Forces agent with a troubled past, Claire embarks on a race against time to find her old mentor, clear her name and discover the secret of...Project Catchstar.


Listen to me read a few excerpts from my works in progress...

Project Catchstar

Her reputation blackened and her spirit broken, budding archaeologist Claire Everston has been in hiding for months. But her past is about to catch up with her. Listen in as she meets Theo and Johnnie for the first time. Desperate for information, they've finally tracked Claire down.

And they've led her enemies straight to her...

The Mystery of Perdu Island

Nothing much ever happened in sleepy Fairfield. At least, that's what best friends Billy and Chance always thought. Right up until the day that Chance's daddy went missing. Listen in as they meet Odile, a strange girl who just might hold the key to finding out what happened.

Because the truth is, nothing in Fairfield is what it seems...and there's a reason that Perdu Island is supposed to stay lost...

Dreams and Shadows

Tessa McAllister has just one goal: to fog her brain with whiskey until her hurt goes away. But life in the form of her perfect sister, Grace, and the oddest police officer that she's ever met keeps interfering. Listen in as Tessa has a run-in with Grace at the corner store.

It seems that Grace's life is not so perfect after all. And Tessa may find that her hated famly ties are the only thing that can free her from her pain...


Project Catchstar • 00:04:10


The Mystery of Perdu Island • 00:05:17


Dreams and Shadows • 00:07:20